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You have the Manager or Executive plan and you want Julie to be fully integrated in your company? To do so, Julie needs her own email address based on your domain name. How to create it?  Here is what you should know.

N.B: Julie's email address has to contain the first name Julie. You can, of course, add the last name of your choice. 

You are using Gmail

  • Sign in to the Google Admin console
  • Click Users
  • Click Plus button and select Add user
  • Write Julie in the First Name section, choose any Last Name you want and your Primary email address should appear like that: If your account has multiple domains associated with it, select the domain you want to add the user to
  • (optional) you can set a secondary email address to
  • Click Auto-generate the password and create
  • Click Email instructions and send it to us :
  • Click Done

You are using Outlook 365

  • Go to the Office 365 admin center 
  • Choose Users > Active Users. Click Plus button 
  • Then the "Create a new user account page"
  • Write “Julie” in the First Name section, choose any Last Name you want and in the Display Name “Julie + the last name”
  • In the "User Name" section add “Julie” and choose the domain name you’d like as it should appear like that : If you have more than one domain, be sure to select the right one 
  • By default, Office 365 auto-generates a new temporary password for the person. You do not need to change it
  • In the “Email password to the following recipients” field, type and we will set up everything for you
  • Click “Create” and your done.

If you are using other services (not listed above)?

You should know better than us how to create a However here is what you should know to have everything working:

  • Emails should be redirected from to Most of the time, you’ll have to take care of this setting. If you don’t know how to do that we may be able to help if you tell us the name of your email provider
  • For us to be able to send email using and avoid spam filter, we will need SMTP authentification for this account. Please provide us your SMTP server information and the credentials for the account 

Once her address is created, please send to our support team the email address and its password as well as the webmail you used to create the account (meaning the URL we have to go to to enter Julie's mailbox).