How to connect and share your calendar with Julie

Good practices to share your calendar with Julie in the best possible way

Julie and my Microsoft Exchange or Outlook calendar

Creation and management of your calendar to smooth the communication with Julie

Manage your calendar

An overview of all you need to know to manage your calendar.


Navigating between offices
If you are working from several offices or from different cities and want Julie schedule your meetings efficiently and, therefore, suggest dates based on your presence in one office or the other - or based on your contact location - you need, as alw...
How to manage your business trips?
When you are travelling abroad, it is important to give Julie this piece of information for her to schedule meetings the right way, including on the adequate timezone. Your situation Create an all-day event with the name Event status Julie...
How to schedule a meeting when the guest has an assistant?
You probably have contacts who work with an assistant to schedule their meetings and, when your guest has an assistant, he/she will most likely be the one exchanging with Julie.  In this case: -      Copy Julie and the assistant...
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