How to connect and share your calendar with Julie

Good practices to share your calendar with Julie in the best possible way

Julie and my Microsoft Exchange or Outlook calendar

Creation and management of your calendar to smooth the communication with Julie

Out on business

How to work with Julie when you are out on business (for the day or longer)

Sharing changes in availabilities

When you are on holidays or working from home, how to share this with Julie


How to prevent Julie from filling your calendar to capacity
If you do not want your day to be packed with meetings, you can give Julie directions on how you want your meetings to be scheduled : You can specify a time window during which she can schedule the appointment To help distribute the appointments...
How to let Julie know when meetings are high-priority
Julie has an overview of your agenda and your availability. To let Julie know that a meeting is high priority and should be scheduled before others, you can  give Julie a deadline to schedule this meeting.  You can tell Julie that  ...
Dealing with overbooking
For Julie, an invite on your calendar means that the slot is not available, be it confirmed or just temporary accepted.  If you want, still, Julie to be able to suggest your availabilities on these slots, because you know that you will not be ...
How to schedule a meeting when the guest has an assistant?
You probably have contacts who work with an assistant to schedule their meetings and, when your guest has an assistant, he/she will most likely be the one exchanging with Julie.  In this case: -      Copy Julie and the assistant...
How to ask Julie to schedule a meeting for a third-party?
Want Julie to organize meetings for third parties? Here’s how! You do not have a Julie Desk license but you would like to ask Julie to  arrange a meeting for a collaborator with a license. As soon as you are in the  trusted circl...
How to inform Julie is one participant is mandatory or not?
Julie Desk considers that all persons whose email addresses are added as recipients of your message are expected to attend the appointment she organizes. Nevertheless, the higher the number of recipients of an email, the more complex the organizatio...
Automate sales prospecting / customer follow-up / recruitment
This tutorial is for those using Gmail.  Want to automate your processes to concentrate on tasks with higher added value? Julie can help you! Step 1: Create a draft in your mailbox Attention: Do not put the email addresses of the peop...
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