Connecting an Exchange calendar

You want to connect your calendar with an Exchange account but you are not sure of which information is required or where to even find it.

When signing up you will be asked to connect your calendar. You clicked on Exchange. Your page should look like this:

connecting Exchange calendar

The username and the Password correspond to the username and password you use to connect to your regular email account (the one you will be using to communicate with Julie). 

In order for Julie to access your calendar, you also need to provide her with a server name. You will find this server name in your account settings. The following steps will help you complete this action effectively.

First, you should have access to your calendar on your smartphone's native app.

For iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to Mails
  • Choose the account you wish to connect (in this case your exchange account )

For Android

  • Go to the Email App you are using 
  • Then go to the settings. If you are using Gmail, go to Outgoing Servers in Outgoing Settings
  • Go to the account you wish to connect at Julie Desk.

You now have all the information required to connect your Exchange calendar to Julie Desk. Copy the server name you see on the page onto the Julie Desk form as well as your username and Password you use to connect to your regular email account.