How to communicate calendar changes to Julie

Your availabilities or preferences may change temporarily if you are working from a different office or city, have some days off or want only calls one day when working from home. In these cases, it is best to create events, with the appropriate name, in your calendar : then both you and Julie will see your calendar the same way.

You are not available on certain days or time period 

When your days are not open for Julie to book meetings, you can create all-day events for your absence, and mark them as “busy”. You can name these events “Holidays” or “no more booking” or even “Busy”, as it only represents your way of communicating with Julie on your unavailability. She will never communicate this name to your interlocutors. 

You are available but under certain conditions

- You are traveling for business, you want Julie to schedule calls or physical meetings in the city where you are spending a couple of days, not at your regular office.
- You are spending the day at your second office so meetings should be scheduled there
- You are available for calls only, and so on.

In a word, you are available for bookings but under certain conditions and you want Julie to take that into consideration. You will have to create an all-day event set to “available”. The name you will give that event will help Julie understand the condition under which she should create the event. 

Example : 

Consider that, next week, you have an all day event all week that says: “London”. This is a very important piece of information for Julie because if you want her to schedule meetings while you are in London, Julie will know where to look. So if you say:
“Hi Max, I’ll be in London later this month, it would be great to get together. Julie (CC’d) will help us find time to meet while I’m there.”
Here, Julie can easily be accurate when she is locating the exact time when when you will be in London this month and correctly handle the timezone difference for your events to be put correctly into your calendar. 

Tips iCloud : iCloud do not offer the possibility to create all-day event set to “available” or “busy”, so when your days are not open for meetings, you can create an event that lasts all-day. For any change in your preferences (different city or office for the day, calls only, etc) you will have to tell Julie so that she can take it into consideration when scheduling.