Our referral program

You love Julie and you think of a bunch of different people who could benefit from Julie's power at scheduling, so here is the content of our referral program:

  • 75€ off the referee's first month invoice.
  • 75€ off for you on your next invoice.

How can someone benefit from the program?

Really easy:

Tell your contact to go on our pricing page, select the plan they would like to sign up for and fill in the contact form on the first step: in this form they need to select "Referral" in the field "How did you hear about us" and enter your Full Name in the comment field.

Then she/he just needs to finish his sign up (connect her/his calendar and fill in the preferences form). Our team will then get in touch with him/her to set everything up.

How can you share this referral program with your network?

You can share this offer when you meet with someone or you can share this post, for all your network to benefit, via email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and else.

And don't forget to the key to everything is to say your name!