Your information are secured

At Julie Desk we apply a very strict security policy.

When you register on our website, we suggest that you communicate your preferences for : 

  • your days and appointments times 
  • duration of your appointments
  • favorite places for appointments
  • your minimum time between two appointments
  • your details

All preferences that you save on our website are only used by Julie Desk to plan appointments that perfectly meet your availabilities. These preferences are personal and are therefore not visible to your contacts. You can ask Julie to change your preferences at any time. 

At the end of registration, Julie will ask you to synchronize your account with the agenda of your choice. This secure connection is essential so that Julie has access to your availabilities to offer you the best slots for your appointments. 

Julie will not be able to add, edit or delete your appointments without you having requested by email.

In addition, we do not have access to your client's contact book or mailbox.

Confidentiality with Julie Desk

At Julie Desk, we apply a very strict privacy policy.

Any information you provide when using our service is not disclosed or sold to another person. 

All the exchanges between you and your Julie are secure and available for the people you decide.

For more details on our privacy policy, you can refer to our GTU.

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