How to prevent Julie from filling your calendar to capacity

If you do not want your day to be packed with meetings, you can give Julie directions on how you want your meetings to be scheduled :

You can specify a time window during which she can schedule the appointment

To help distribute the appointments better you can give her a time window for suggested dates : "in the next 2 weeks", "within the next month", "by the end of the week".
If you don't give her a deadline, she will schedule your meetings in the upcoming two weeks. Plus the first availabilities she will suggest be two days following the day she received the meeting request to give all the participants time to get ready for the meeting. Example : the request is today, the first day suggested will be in two days.

You can create events to block time slots that you do not wish for Julie to propose

Julie will never double booked you on an event you already have on your calendar. If you want to keep time without meetings, you can create in your calendar events with this in mind.
If you ask her to specifically schedule a meeting on this time, she will notify you that there is a conflict.

When you wish to organize an appointment first

Julie has a very binary view of your calendar: on a specific date, either you are free or you are not. If you want to make sure she will book a meeting with an important interlocutor, you can:

- Ask your interlocutor his availabilities first including Julie in the email and ask Julie to "do the necessary to organize the appointment on one of the suggested dates, even if it means rescheduling some already scheduled appointments".

- Ask Julie to schedule the meeting "asap" or "before the end of the week". She will suggest your availabilities and will get back to you if there is conflict with your interlocutors free slot. 

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