How to create all day event with an iCloud calendar

Attention : Julie is not compatible with the iCloud calendar, this article is provided for the customers using the service before this restriction. 

If you have an iCloud calendar, follow the following steps to make changes in your availabilities: 

If you want Julie to suggest dates or schedule meetings on a whole day/multiple days

To let Julie know the days on which you are not available for meetings, you need to create all day events, so that Julie can see them as blocked.

If you want to communicate to Julie specific arrangements for the meeting scheduling process

For example, if on a specific day, you are working remotely and are, therefore, only available for meetings via calls, you can add an event, tick the checkbox “all day” and give it the name “Calls only”.

If, every Tuesday, you work from home, you can create a recurrence by ticking the “repeat” AND “all day” and give it the name “Calls only”.

This way, Julie will read that every Tuesday, you are only available for meetings via calls.

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