Introduction with Julie

This category will explain to you: How to speak with Julie and to use her? How to explore Julie for your company? How Julie access to your calendar?

Getting started with Julie

Why would I need Julie?

Julie is a virtual assistant who speaks English and French. With Julie, you will be able to schedule meetings very quickly. Cc Julie in your emails, she will communicate with your contacts and find the best common slot for you all, freeing you from the annoying back and forth. You will save up to half a day each week.

      How to communice with Julie ?

Julie speaks and understand french and english :

- If the email she received is in french, she will answer in french
- If the email she received is in english, she will answer in english

If your contacts are located in another time zone than yours, specify it to Julie, she could propose suitable schedules for everyone.  

"Julie, please organize a call with Paul, who is in New-York"

Does she answer quickly?

Julie works 24/7. We guarantee she will answer in less than 2 hours, but know that it takes her in average 20 minutes.

What calendar types can Julie handle?

Julie is compatible with Google Calendar, Office365, Exchange.

Does Julie manage all the situations?

To guarantee a first-class quality service, Julie is supervised by a human operator. Thus, Julie is able to understand even the most complex tasks, and to adapt her answers to every situation.

How to speak to Julie?

Asking Julie to schedule a meeting for you is quite the same as asking a “real” person to do it: your request, sent by email, need to be as clear enough for this person to understand what’s expected of her. 

Indeed, to automatically understand requests you are sending to Julie, she relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, in particular, Natural Language Processing (NLP) allowing her to understand what you are expecting from her. 

Nevertheless, Julie is not reading in mind yet, and so an email related to meeting scheduling need to include some keys information:

- Who? The email address of your interlocutor(s) need to be in cc’ in the email you sent

- What? Are you asking for a coffee, an in-person meeting or a call? 

- When? Without a deadline, Julie will suggest times on the next 15 days

- Where? Will you meet your contact at your office, in your favorite restaurant or will you see that later?

How to use Julie?

In order to delegate the task of coordinating meetings to Julie, her email must be copied on all emails associated to your meetings. Julie will then contact your participants to find a date that is convenient to all parties.

Thanks to her connection to your agenda, Julie can quickly propose your availability to participants in the form of 4 time slots (dates and times). During this process, you will be copied on all subsequent emails that Julie sends.

if your participants are in another country, make sure to point that out to Julie so she can incorporate time-zones into her proposals.

Once a common date is found, Julie send invitations from your calendar. These will contain all necessary information, including: who’s calling who, to what number, at what address and so on.

You can ask Julie to cancel or reschedule your meetings simply by sending her a message that resembles the following:

“Julie, can you reschedule my meeting Tuesday, the 1st of August at 2pm? Thanks.”

Julie will then send an email to each of your participants, apologize on your behalf, and propose new dates.

Scheduling with Julie

How can I work with Julie?

It is really simple: just cc Julie in an email conversation and specify what you expect from her - eg. “Julie, my assistant in cc, will find the best time for us to meet next week”. If you have a specific request concerning your calendar, you can also send her an email specifying your request.

What happen if I can't attend a meeting?

Send an email to Julie and she will cancel or postpone your meetings.

Can I see emails Julie sends to my contacts?

Of course. For transparency matters, you will be in cc of all emails Julie sends to your contacts.

How to speak to Julie?

Julie uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) so you don't need to adapt your language. She understands and speaks in English and French. In case she has a doubt, human operator will take over.

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