How to inform Julie is one participant is mandatory or not?

Julie Desk considers that all persons whose email addresses are added as recipients of your message are expected to attend the appointment she organizes. Nevertheless, the higher the number of recipients of an email, the more complex the organization becomes even for the Intelligence behind Julie Desk :)

To make appointment taking easier, you have several options.

The first is to BCC the people who are not expected at the meeting but who must be kept informed of the appointment during the organization. As Julie will not see them in the recipient list, she will not include them as people to include in the meeting. 

 You can also indicate who is expected at your event directly in your email. Julie Desk will contact them and will validate their availability as a priority.

 Finally, you have the option to specify whose presence is optional. For example, you can tell Julie that:
Ex: "Paul and Emilie will join you if they can".

Julie Desk will understand that she should not consider their availability but that an invitation should be sent when the date is set.

Just so you know, within the framework of internal meetings, Julie Desk has a partial vision of your colleagues’ calendars. In the event that Julie doesn’t find a date in the time slot you’ve indicated, (and you haven’t specified whose presence is obligatory or optional) she will go back to all participants in order to find out whose presence is absolutely obligatory.


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