How to manage your business trips?

During business trips you will expect Julie to organize your appointments according to the city and time zone you’re in.

There are two prerequisites for the creation of travel-related events: 

  • The first is that your event title must be named according to the city you’re in. Example: If you are in "Lyon", your event should be called "Lyon" and not "In Lyon". 
  • The second is that the status of your day for the event must be "Available" (if you are on Google) or "Working elsewhere"/ "On the move" (if you use Outlook to manage your calendar).

When you are travelling abroad, it is important to give Julie this piece of information for her to schedule meetings the right way, including on the adequate timezone.

Your situationCreate an all-day event with the nameEvent statusJulie's behavior
You are travelling to New York“New-York” / “NYC”AvailableJulie will schedule physical and virtual meetings in New York (with the right timezone)

Two important things to know:
- Let Julie know what to look in your calendar when you want her to schedule your meeting outside of your main location
“Hi Max, I’ll be in New York later this month, it would be great to get together. Julie (CC’d) will help us find time to meet while I’m there.”

- The indication you give her in your email has to be the same as the event title
Do not create event in your calendar call "New York" and then say in your email "when I'll be in the US"

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How to create an all-day event

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