How to speak to Julie?

Asking Julie to schedule a meeting for you is quite the same as asking a “real” person to do it: your request, sent by email, need to be as clear enough for this person to understand what’s expected of her. 

Indeed, to automatically understand requests you are sending to Julie, she relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, in particular, Natural Language Processing (NLP) allowing her to understand what you are expecting from her. 

Nevertheless, Julie is not reading in mind yet, and so an email related to meeting scheduling need to include some keys information:

- Who? The email address of your interlocutor(s) need to be in cc’ in the email you sent

- What? Are you asking for a coffee, an in-person meeting or a call? 

- When? Without a deadline, Julie will suggest times on the next 15 days

- Where? Will you meet your contact at your office, in your favorite restaurant or will you see that later?

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