I only want to receive the important emails sent by Julie (Google)

Julie systematically copies you on every email exchange made when organizing your meetings. If you wish to limit the number of emails you receive from Julie , you can create a filter in your inbox that allows you to only receive the emails that require a response and those  that recap the invitation that was sent. 

To create a filter, click on Settings and on Settings :

Then, click on "Filters and blocked addresses" and on "Create a new filter".

In the field "From" add your Julie 's email address, in the field "Includes the words" add "cc:youremailaddress" (see the example below : "cc:margot@juliedesk.com). Then, click on "Create filter with this search".

Then, select "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" and "Apply the label". Click on "Choose a label" and select the option "New label" and called it "Julie's emails" (for example). Don't forget to click on "Create". 

Now, you have a filter and a new label in your mailbox ! 

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