Julie said that it is difficult for her to answer your request of scheduling a meeting with yourself?

Your account is newly activated and you want to test Julie with a fake meeting request?

No problem! Except if you ask Julie to schedule a meeting with one of the email address you shared with us (when answering the question " Will you use multiple email addresses to contact Julie?" while creating your account)

In this case, Julie will get back to you with this message:
"These two email addresses are linked to your account. This makes it difficult for me to answer your request of scheduling a meeting with yourself :)
Could you add another email address to the conversation, that is not linked to your Julie Desk account? Thank you."

What Julie means is: she can't answer your request as you tried to schedule a meeting with yourself, so she will not be able to send an invite to the attendees.

How Julie works:
You send an email to Julie, copying the person you want to meet, and you ask Julie to see with that person when you have a common availability.
Then Julie will look into your calendar and sends some free slot to your contact. He will answer and some day and time will be chosen.
Once everybody agrees on this day, Julie will send an invite from your calendar to the attendee. 

The issue here is that the "attendee" you added in your test is yourself, so Julie cannot send an invite! It is why she said that she is not able to process this meeting scheduling. 

If you want to try Julie before sending a real meeting request, please copy any other email addresses you did not share with us.

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