Meeting rooms booking

Once you have subscribed to our Solo Executive plan or Entreprise plan you cas ask Julie to reserve a meeting room. 

For that, it is necessary that we have access to your meeting rooms.  There are, then, three ways for Julie to reserve a meeting room:

When it is included in your preferences

If you wish to ensure that Julie systematically reserves meetings in your main office each time she reserves a meeting, contact our support team to apply this preference as a default setting on your account. Once the preference is activated, you will see it in your preference settings.

Systematically book a room

Julie can systematically reserve a specific meeting room when you indicate the meeting’s location in your offices
Ex. "Julie, please organize a meeting with Emilie, at my offices." → Julie will organize the coffee meeting at your offices and will reserve the corresponding meeting room.

Book when specifically requested

When requested, Julie can organize a meeting directly in the meeting room of your choosing in a specific office. This is particularly useful when you have multiple rooms registered to different offices.
Ex. "Julie, please reserve a meeting room for a meeting at the London office." → Julie will organize the meeting at your London office and will reserve a meeting room there.

For recurring event, Julie can book a meeting room for you as long as you ask her to book a specific one, by giving her the name of this room.

Would you like Julie to book a specific meeting room?

All you have to do is tell her which meeting room you want her to book. Example: Julie, please reserve Alpha Room.

 If you have favorite meeting rooms and would like Julie to book them first, please specify them in your message. Example: Julie, please book Alpha, Beta or Omega for this meeting.

To get more information on this feature, please contact our support team.

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