Julie and booking meeting rooms

Would you like Julie to book a meeting room for all in-person meetings at the office? That's quite possible!

Meeting rooms booking

Once you have subscribed to our Solo Executive plan or Entreprise plan you cas ask Julie to reserve a meeting room. 

For that, it is necessary that we have access to your meeting rooms.  There are, then, three ways for Julie to reserve a meeting room:

When it is included in your preferences

If you wish to ensure that Julie systematically reserves meetings in your main office each time she reserves a meeting, contact our support team to apply this preference as a default setting on your account. Once the preference is activated, you will see it in your preference settings.

Systematically book a room

Julie can systematically reserve a specific meeting room when you indicate the meeting’s location in your offices
Ex. "Julie, please organize a meeting with Emilie, at my offices." → Julie will organize the coffee meeting at your offices and will reserve the corresponding meeting room.

Book when specifically requested

When requested, Julie can organize a meeting directly in the meeting room of your choosing in a specific office. This is particularly useful when you have multiple rooms registered to different offices.
Ex. "Julie, please reserve a meeting room for a meeting at the London office." → Julie will organize the meeting at your London office and will reserve a meeting room there.

For recurring event, Julie can book a meeting room for you as long as you ask her to book a specific one, by giving her the name of this room.

Would you like Julie to book a specific meeting room?

All you have to do is tell her which meeting room you want her to book. Example: Julie, please reserve Alpha Room.

 If you have favorite meeting rooms and would like Julie to book them first, please specify them in your message. Example: Julie, please book Alpha, Beta or Omega for this meeting.

To get more information on this feature, please contact our support team.

Multiple meeting rooms booking

For information, this feature is available if you have subscribed to our Solo Executive or Entreprise plan.

Do you wish to organize a teleconference with users in one or multiple buildings? Or need multiple rooms reserved? Julie is able to reserve multiple rooms in different buildings to allow your colleagues to reach you simply and easily.

If you want Julie to reserve a meeting in rooms different  from those you’ve indicated as your principal meeting rooms, indicate how many guests you have and where your guests will  be so that she can reserve the right room. 

Please note if your settings include automatic room  reservations for specific kinds of meetings (teleconferences, video conferences, etc.), Julie will reserve a room in your building. However, if you don't have a preferred room setting, be sure to tell Julie where you'd like the meeting to be held.

To learn more about reserving meeting rooms, you can consult our article  reserving meeting rooms. If you wish to learn  more about setting a default room for meetings, ask us for a recap of your current settings.

Also, don’t forget: Julie must have access to the agendas of the rooms you wish to reserve meetings in so she can reserve them for you directly. Contact our support service to learn more about this function of the Julie Desk solution. 

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