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How does the trial period works? How much does Julie cost? What are my payment options?

Julie's enrolment and the access to your calendar

Interested in our services? 

Give it a try! Start a 15 day free trial and take advantage of our full services. Click on “Start a free trial”!

Please note that the free trial is only available for the Solo Executive Plan.

When you sign up, we’ll ask you to give us personal information: your first and last name, email address, phone number as well as the name of your company and your professional title. This information is essential to optimizing your use of Julie Desk.

No banking information is requested until you sign up for our services officially.

To complete the sign up process, Julie Desk will ask you to synchronize your account with the agenda of your choosing. It is thanks to our protected connection that Julie will be able to read in your agenda, in order to propose or validate schedules which your are available. All information in your agenda belongs to you. Julie will only add, modify or delete meetings in your agenda if you ask her to do so via email.

At the end of your trial period, you can decide to subscribe to the license used during your trial or choose another.

If you want to subscribe to our Entreprise plan

  • Go on our Pricing page
  • Click on "Book a call"


How does the trial period works ?

The trial period, which lasts 15 days, give you access to our Solo Executive plan :

  • Solo Executive plan : 
    • The basic features for appointment scheduling (organization, cancellation and postponement of appointment, update of the calendar),
    • Weekly recap of your meetings
    • The automatic follow-up: Julie will proactively suggest new availabilities if your contact didn't reply to a previous suggestion. 
    • The circle of trust, to let Julie schedule a meeting without your approval, thus allowing her to be more efficient and help you save even more time
    • Adding all your Google, Office365 and Exchange calendars to your account. 
    • Ask Julie to book your favorites restaurants, coffees or bars for the event she is scheduling for you or not.

Important : There is no trial period with our Entreprise plan.

You don't have to download or install anything. Just need to give Julie access to your calendar, fill in the preference form. (name, surname, email, phone, company, function) and indicate your preferences :

  • Days and times of appointments
  • Duration of appointments
  • Favorite places for appointments

The trial period is free, no banking information is required.

Explore Julie for you and your company

How do I set Julie up?

Nothing to download or install: When subscribing, you will be able to specify all you working habits: working hours, favorite places for lunch or coffee, your meetings default durations, potential free time between appointments, having calls in the morning calls rather than in the afternoon, etc. You can always change your preferences by sending an email to Julie.

Furthermore, you specify Julie many information to communicate to your contacts: office address, phone or confcall number, etc.

Can Julie handle different time zones?

Yes she can. When specified, Julie takes into account your contacts time zones to find the best availability. When traveling abroad, she will also consider your current location.

Can I use Julie with all my email addresses?

Yes. Just let Julie know all the email addresses you want to use to contact her.

Can Julie manage all my calendars?

Julie creates your events in the calendar of your choice and takes into account as many calendars as you want to compute your availabilities.

Can Julie use my own company domain name?

Of course. This feature is available with Solo Executive and Entreprise plans. You can set Julie’s domain name to: “”. That way, she will really become one of your coworkers ;)

How can my company benefit from JulieDesk?

To obtain multiple licenses for your company, please contact us.

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