How does the trial period works ?

The trial period, which lasts 5 days, give you access to our personal assistant solution :

  • Julie (more than 1 user) or Violetta (1 user) plan : 
    • The basic features for appointment scheduling (organization, cancellation and postponement of appointment, update of the calendar),
    • Weekly recap of your meetings
    • The automatic follow-up: Julie will proactively suggest new availabilities if your contact didn't reply to a previous suggestion. 
    • The circle of trust, to let Julie schedule a meeting without your approval, thus allowing her to be more efficient and help you save even more time
    • Adding all your Google, Office365 and Exchange calendars to your account. 
    • Ask Julie to book your favorites restaurants, coffees or bars for the event she is scheduling for you or not.

You don't have to download or install anything. Just need to give Julie access to your calendar, fill in the preference form. (name, surname, email, phone, company, function) and indicate your preferences :

  • Days and times of appointments
  • Duration of appointments
  • Favorite places for appointments

The trial period is free, no banking information is required.

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