Managing your travels

Here the best practices to apply for all your travels so that Julie can manage any changes in your schedule efficiently.

How to deal with Julie when you are travelling abroad ?

When you are travelling abroad, it is important to give Julie this piece of information for her to schedule meetings the right way, including on the adequate timezone.

Your situationCreate an all-day event with the nameEvent statusJulie's behavior
You are travelling to New York“New-York” / “NYC”AvailableJulie will schedule physical and virtual meetings in New York (with the right timezone)

Two important things to know:
- Let Julie know what to look in your calendar when you want her to schedule your meeting outside of your main location
“Hi Max, I’ll be in New York later this month, it would be great to get together. Julie (CC’d) will help us find time to meet while I’m there.”

- The indication you give her in your email has to be the same as the event title
Do not create event in your calendar call "New York" and then say in your email "when I'll be in the US"

If you are more navigating between offices in the same country, you can check our article about navigating between offices.

How to create an all-day event

To understand how to create all-day event with a Google calendar, you can check our related article on how to create an all-day event with Google.

If you are using Outlook as your Calendar application for your Microsoft Exchange or Office365 account, you can check the following article on how to create an all-day event for Microsoft and this article to know all about our way of reading status of your Outlook calendar.

Finally, if you are with iCloud, explanations on how to create all-day event are in the linked article on how to create an all-day event with iCloud.

Navigating between offices

If you are working from several offices or from different cities and want Julie schedule your meetings efficiently and, therefore, suggest dates based on your presence in one office or the other - or based on your contact location - you need, as always, to be specific in your communication with Julie. 

Your preferences need to be up to date

Specify which one of your offices is your main office. Unless otherwise indicated, Julie will use that office address when scheduling physical or virtual meetings (in order to calculate the traveling time required between two meetings). 

You can also share with Julie other addresses she may need to schedule meeting at. 

Indicate in your calendar when you are outside of the main office

To let Julie know that you will not be in your main office, create and all-day event, set to available, and give it the name of your secondary office or the city where you will be.  Julie will deduce, from the name of your event, a new time zone and adjust her suggestion if needed. 

To know all about all-day event, please refer to our articles about Google calendar, Microsoft's one and iCloud.

When you want Julie to schedule a physical meeting in your secondary office, just specify it as follows: “Julie, please schedule a meeting with Paul when I will be in (name of secondary office or city where you will be)”.

How to deal with different time zones?

By default, a baseline timezone is associated to your account. Unless otherwise specified, Julie suggests availability dates based on that time zone. You can find this information into your Julie Desk account in the section "Availability rules"

Julie can also suggest dates on different time zones 

When your contact is not in the same time zone as you 

If you specify to Julie where your contact is located, she will be able to suggest dates that convenient for everyone.  

These suggestions can be made in English if your contact is English-speaking and does not understand French.

When you are temporarily on a time zone that is different from the baseline time zone

If you are abroad in a different city, you would want Julie to schedule a meeting in the timezone of your current location. To inform Julie of this, you can: 

- Create all day events, marked “available” or “free”, depending on your calendar, and the name of the city where you will be for a few days. That way, Julie will know on which time zone to schedule your meetings. 

- Send an email to Julie and let her know that you will be located in another city: “Julie, can you schedule a phone call with Paul next week? Note that I will be in New York at that time.” 

If your time zone is changing for a long period of time, you can ask Julie to change this information in your preferences. To do that, you can simply send Julie an email. 

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