Julie's enrolment and the access to your calendar

Interested in our services? 

Give it a try! Start a 5 day free trial and take advantage of our full services. Click on “Start a free trial”!

The free trial is  available on all our plans.

To sign up, we need to send you a registration link firstly. Please contact us on hello@juliedesk.com by sending : 

- Your first and last name 

- Your email address

- Your phone number as well as the name of your company and your professional title. 

This information is essential to optimizing your use of Julie Desk.

No banking information is requested until you sign up for our services officially.

To complete the sign up process, Julie Desk will ask you to synchronize your account with the agenda of your choosing. It is thanks to our protected connection that Julie will be able to read in your agenda, in order to propose or validate schedules which your are available. All information in your agenda belongs to you. Julie will only add, modify or delete meetings in your agenda if you ask her to do so via email.

At the end of your trial period, you can decide to subscribe to the license used during your trial or choose another.

If you want to subscribe to our Entreprise plan

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