How do I view and/or change my preferences?

In order to view and/or modify your preferences, you must log in to your Julie Desk account !

How do I access to my Julie Desk account ?

To get started, go to Julie Desk website. Once on the site, click on "Log in" at the top right.

You then arrive on a page where you have to choose the calendar Julie works with:  

Discovering your Julie Desk account 

The preferences dashboard is divided into several categories:

  • General Information

In this section, you can modify your personal information (First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Skype ID, Phones...). Don’t forget to click on "Save"

New : You can connect in General Information your Online Meeting tools (Dynamic links) that is to say : Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  It means that Julie could  propose a Zoom or Microsoft Teams link directly in your meeting calendar.

Please note: The "Your email addresses" section cannot be modified !

To add or remove an email address, you can refer to this article.

  • Availability rules 

You can define your availability as you like! You can specify the same hours every day or change them depending on the day. You can also change your default mean of transport, your default travel time, your in-between meetings buffer time and your main location for your in-person meetings. 

To know how to modify your working hours, you can read this article.

  • My meetings

Fill in your meeting preferences: the length of the in-person/virtual appointments and the behavior you want Julie to have regarding the location of your appointments.

More information about how to configure your meetings duration in this article

  • My locations

In this section you can see all the places associated with your account. 

For any changes, you can use the chat at the bottom of the page by communicating the desired changes or send a message to

  • My calendars

You can see the calendars associated with your account in this section . To add a calendar, click on "Add new calendar". 

To delete a calendar, you can use the chat window (bottom right of the page) or send a message to the support:

  • Advanced Options

Here you can configure your circle of trust, the format of the invitations and decide if you want the email exchanges in the events notes

More information about your Julie Desk account in this video

Have more questions about how the Julie Desk dashboard works / on Julie Desk ?

Feel free to click on the chat window at the bottom of your screen or send us a message at You can also refer to our help center.

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