My meeting preferences

Your preferences for meetings may change and we understand that! That's why you can change the duration of your physical and virtual appointments at any time as well as the default location for your lunches or in-person meetings!

To change your preferences, you must log in to your Julie Desk account

Once you’ve logged in, go to the "My meetings" section. The image below shows an example of configured preferences. You can set the preferences as you wish.

  • How do I configure the duration of my appointments?

If you would like Julie to organize 1 hour meetings, then type “60 mins” in the box next to: "Duration of in-person meetings" (as in the image above). The same applies to virtual appointments. For 1h30 meetings, indicate 90 minutes.

When you ask Julie to set up an in-person meeting for you and you haven’t specified the duration of the meeting, Julie will set up the meeting with the duration you have specified in your account preferences.

Example of an unspecified duration email: "Julie, please organize an in-person appointment with Paul next week. "

You can also configure the time and duration of your lunches. For example: if you indicate 13h as your daily lunch time with a duration of 90 minutes, Julie will organize lunches from 13h to 14h30 by default if you do not indicate otherwise in your email.

Example of an unspecified duration email: "Julie, please organize a lunch with Paul next Thursday."

  • Does Julie consider the preferences registered on my Julie Desk account?

Yes, Julie always takes your preferences into account unless you specify a different duration in your email.

Example: "Julie, please arrange a 45-minute in-person meeting with Paul next week. "

Here, Julie will organize a 45-minute meeting. Julie adapts to each of your requests!

Another example: "Julie, please organize a lunch at noon with Paul next Thursday. Julie will then organize a lunch at 12h for the duration you have configured in your preferences for lunches.

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